3D Laser Scanning

  • Fast Surveys minimize on site disturbances
  • Millimeter accuracy achievable
  • Easily document site changes
  • Capture every detail, no revisits required
  • Easily view point clouds with free viewers
  • 360 degree photos produced

Model Conversion Process

3D Drawings converted to point cloud
  • Accurately reproduce site conditions
  • Measure every dimension
  • Quickly cut sections and plans
2D & 3D line drawings of typical elevations drawn in AutoCAD
  • Import 3D models into our CAD system
  • Import 3D models in your site grid system
  • Bring surveyed dimensions into your BIM software
  • Generate 2D orthographics views
2D drawings enhanced with oath imagery
  • Realistic documentation of site conditions
  • Evaluate every brick if needed
  • No need to handle large files
  • Will fit in your existing CAD workflow

User Benefits

  • 2D sections can be delivered in CAD format
  • 3D models exactly to your specification
  • Collect highly precise data for realistic drawings
  • Create interactive 3D models to view your data from any angle
  • Data can be processed in stages as needed to fit project priorities
3D Scanning Surveys Images Gallery